Flood and Emergency Ordinances

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Ste. Genevieve County Ordinance


Ste. Genevieve County Ordinance on Quarantine




Proclamation - National Flood Insurance Awareness Week




Resolution - Flood Buyout

Resolution - Participate in Natural Hazard Mitigation



Chapter XXVII - Transportation of and Handling of Dynamite and Other High Explosives



Ordinance 209 - Blackout Ordinance - Air Raids

Ordinance 312 - Operating Motor Vehicles in City Limits

Ordinance 336 - Repealing Part of Ordinance 312 - Speed Limits

Ordinance 374 - Health Safety of City - Regulate and Restrict Construction

Ordinance 471 - Flood Damage Prevention

Ordinance 537A - Requiring Seismic Design of New Construction

Ordinance 577 - Mutual Aid

Ordinance 583 - Allowing Flood Relief Workers Hired for Clean Up Work on Private Property

Ordinance 736 - Floodplain Management

Ordinance 737 - Procedures for Implementing the Floodplain Management Ordinance 736

Ordinance 779 - Agreement for Placing Antenna on Water Tower

Ordinance 819 - Establish Position of Emergency Management Coordinator

Ordinance 861 - Ordinance 736 - Amending Floodplain Management

Ordinance 924 - Requiring National Incident Management Systems and Incident Command Systems

Ordinance 926 - Purchasing During Proclaimed Emergency or Disaster

Ordinance 947 - Special Flood Hazard




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